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Ricardo Dioso has played Classical Guitar, Bossa Nova, Latin, Jazz, Flamenco, and Contemporary Popular Music for over 40 years within the United States, Canada, Spain, and Thailand.


The Classical Guitar and it's repertoire represent centuries of history, musical discovery, and development. It's inherent polyphonic ability allows it to transcribe music from other instruments as well as combinations of instruments including: piano, violin, flute, harp, voice, string ensemble, orchestra, big band, etc., with it's own unique realization as well as an infinite potential for adapting itself to a range of musical styles from cultures worldwide to contemporary melodies.


Classical Guitar seeks to preserve simple purity and innocence of tone. It values a delicacy and beauty of space as a non-invasive, non-confrontational instrumental art form alternative that mixes easily in your venue's atmosphere without stifling conversation making Classical Guitar a perfect selection.

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